Looking And Feeling Great Starts With Your Hair.


Matthew Tobey Hair Industry

Hi and welcome, my name is Matthew Tobey and I specialize in the hair industry!Salon Owner

I am passionate about all things hair, I have over 30 years experience of being a salon director and salon owner. There are new products and techniques evolving in the hair sector constantly, my site brings together all these new and innovative products all under one roof.

My aim is to inform, review and recommend all things new in the hair industry and bring them to you first.
Styles change people’s moods change and fashions change but one thing that doesn’t change is people are born with hair on their head and as such it is a vital part of most people’s modern day life.

Looking and feeling great starts with your hair! This is why if any stylist is good at their job, regularly re-trains and keeps on top of modern trends, they should never be out of work, and if they do their job well are capable of making a very good income.

So what is new in the market today?

Well in my opinion I see specialist hair treatments becoming very popular hair straightening, hair extensions are becoming very popular with the red carpet brigade. If celebrities are wearing something new or different it is guaranteed to eventually filter to the general public. If you are aware of what’s trending and get in front of the game, market yourself well you should do very well.

A majority of salons in the hair sector are generally at the lower to middle market of client in other words the styling and colouring sector. The higher end salon tends to offer something other than mainstream services if you analyse their services you will find that a majority of the higher end salons offer a wide, varied and up-to-date product range. This is where there is a big gap between lower, middle and higher net worth salons.
Another major impact on salons is staff. Staff are the most valuable asset of the salon business, and also the most problematic asset.

It is common sense that without staff you don’t have a business, but if you have a good business sometimes stylists think it must be easy to run and manage a salon that they think they can do this for themselves and make lots and lots of money! So staff can also be the most destructive asset to a business

Entrance to the hair sector.

The entry level to the hair industry is generally very quick, with a relatively short apprenticeship and minimum training requirements. Whilst the minimum training time is only a few years for most students it also means that with a little training anyone can start their own business very quickly. This is fraught with problems, the minimum training standards is a recipe for disaster, in my opinion anyone practising in the hair industry should be a professional in the sector and as such should have gained more qualifications over and above the minimum requirement, been on extensive training courses and should be continually re-training. I would not recommend anyone using a newly qualified stylists unless they are under the control of an industry professional with the relevant qualifications and experience.

How to choose a salon.

If you are unsure about which salons to use then do some research first. The Good Salon Guide is an excellent place to start, it is an independent review company that grades salons on a star rating system. All salons which feature in the Good Salon Guide have been independently reviewed by qualified staff and the salons have to achieve a certain standard before they can become members to the guide. So you are in safe hands if you look at the guide and do your research.

If you look for example at the guide for salons in say Sheffield, and you are requiring hair extensions you will be able to see that there are only two salons listed for hair extensions the first salon Unique of Sheffield has over 15 years experience in hair extensions and the other salon listed has only just entered the hair extension ,market. So as you can appreciate the hairdressers in Sheffield I would visit would of course be Unique of Sheffield.

What to look for in a Mobile Hairdresser

This sector of the hair industry frightens me so much. How do you know whether the stylist is qualified, what experience do they have?. Have they got the relevant insurance? A lot of the mobile hairdressers do this work on the side….I would certainly not recommend using a mobile hairdresser unless you have fully researched the stylist.

 The Power of Hair Extensions

For an instant dramatic change in your hair and looks, lots of ladies take advantage of hair extensions. These have become extremely popular due to enhancement of the quality of hair on the market, the bonding techniques that if applied correctly will not damage your hair and also the effect of celebrity enhancement. For a great place and advice for hair extensions it is imperative to seek the advice of an established and experienced salon, again i would highly recommend using the services of The Good Salon Guide and search for hair extensions there are lots of salons listed there click here for more details .